Re-opening Services:

Preservation of life is the number one priority of Judaism and as such, our minyanim will be re-opening cautiously. No person should risk their personal health or the health of others in order to pray with a minyan and those who choose not to attend for the sake of their own health, or to protect others, are doing the correct thing.

Anyone over 65 or with underlying medical conditions should only consider attending after seeking  appropriate medical advice.

Attendance is limited to 20 participants plus officiants. Priority will be given to those who need to say Kaddish, while seeking to be as inclusive as possible. People may need to take turns until more attendees can be facilitated within the DHHS guidelines.

As per DHHS rules, participants must be invited to attend in advance and the synagogue must keep a record of attendees.
We will contact you if you are on the list to attend. Please DO NOT COME to the service unless you have been advised.

Please fill in this form 
t o request attendance and you will be contacted in advance by the Rabbi or someone from the shul. Protocols at the bottom of the page.

If you are in need of assistance or a listening ear, please don't hesitate to reach out-confidentially to Rabbi Greenbaum 0403 490 434.

If you need crisis support, call Lifelines 13 11 44. 

Hygiene & Physical Distancing Protocols for Moorabbin Shul

  • No one is to come without prior confirmation from the Shul.
  • You must affirm that you have no symptoms (cold, cough, fever etc.) of any kind and you are not a known contact of any Covid-19 cases.
  • Only 20 people plus officiants
  • Entry & Exit is to be from the front of the shul at this time
  • Sanitise your hands on entry
  • Seating is only in the designated, marked seats.
  • Siddurim & Talleisim. Ideally, bring your own. Alternatively, members set it in your own seat, or put it in the box at the back of the shul for sanitizing.
  • No handshaking, kissing torah, mezuzah, or siddurim or spitting.
  • The baal korei is the only one to touch the actual Torah.  
  • Aliyos as per direction of the Rabbi. No touching the actual Torah.
  • Leave in a non-clustered fashion.
  • Hands to be sanitized on exit.
  • Attendees to enter via front door (next to the car yard). Women via side door ( next to the Succah) . No one is to enter via Main (glass) door.

This page will be updated regularly.