Pre-Pesach Fun Days- gone virtual!

1) JAE
has joined the virtual school set up with the resources of Chabad Hebrew School International. A team at headquarters combines the best practices of Jewish afterschools around the world to produce a high-quality virtual lesson complete with interactive activities, review games, and musical prayer. 

Hebrew Reading tutoring is available for JAE kids by request (now) and will be arranged for the entire group starting in Term 2 (should we still be unable to meet in person.).

Click here to join this week's class: Topic for this week The Seder Night: Our Journey from Slavery to Freedom. Next week: Model Seder.
Click on your division  and you will also find a link with questions for your child to fill out after the lesson. Each week we will be making a raffle and announcing the winners!
There are supplies which make it easier to follow along, and attachments to create the various arts & crafts. They are available online on the page.

Send in photos of your crafts & more to [email protected] to be drawn for a raffle.

2) Virtual Matzah Bakery:
Supplies needed:
(These matzahs will NOT be Kosher for Passover, but good fun!)

2/3 cup water 
1 1/2 cups flour
Rolling pin 
Parental Supervision (for the oven)

 Send your photos  of your matzah baking to [email protected] to be drawn for a raffle.


3) JAE Get-Together. jae logo.jpg

Open to all JAE kids and whoever elsewould like to join .
Join us for some fun, online, interactive games with Leah & Tzivi.

Click here and message Leah on 0425844050 or email [email protected] for the password

Prep-Year 2 Tuesday March 31 at 9:30am 

Year 3-5 Tuesday March 31 at 10:30am



mah nishtana magic head.jpeg

Mah Nishtana Magic Morning: WEDNESDAY APRIL 1 at 9:30am

Join a fun activity where we play magic tricks using the 4 questions of the Mah Nishtana. 
Registration online to receive the password - and to receive the links for printouts and (basic-household) supplies. 


Join in these 3 contests.

a)Pre- Pesach Challenge 

WhatsApp Image 2020-03-19 at 1.02.53 PM. 

b) THE GREATEST MAH NISHTANA- Practice and join together in a world wide video.

Send in your submission to [email protected]  before Wednesday  April 1 10am.

c) Talent Show : Upload to Google Drive and Send in your submissions to [email protected] before Wednesday April 1 10am


6) Pesach Resources for kids:
For activity sheets, games and more:

Mah Nishtana trainer:  
Passover Songs/Prayers (search spotify for Alevsky Passover trax) for videos, games, crafts & more


7) other resources:
Alef-bet game:

Hebrew reading and meaning: