Bar Mitzvah at Moorabbin Shul

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The primary goal of a Bar Mitzvah is for the young man to be inspired with pride and enthusiasm for Judaism and to have the knowledge and confidence to make his own informed choices in the future.
As your child reaches the age of Bar Mitzvah, we share with you and your family the privilege and responsibility of welcoming him as an adult, into the Jewish community. It is our hope that together we will instill in him the meaning and significance of the occasion, to celebrate appropriately and to honour his newfound status.

The Friendly Shul! .
*Offers a warm and welcoming environment
*A commitment to work with each individual family to tailor the experience and make it suit their needs. 
*Bar Mitzvah Club & beyond
*Assistance to find tutors or to organise a celebration.

Bar Mitzvah is the day on which a child becomes responsible for Mitzvot and accountable for his behavior. This happens automatically on their 13th Jewish birthday. The Jewish calendar is lunar whereas the secular calendar is solar and, depending on the year, the Jewish and secular birthdays may be weeks apart. Your child’s Bar Mitzvah ceremony must be on or after his Jewish birthday, but not before. To determine your child’s Jewish birthday, set up an initial meeting with the Rabbi.

Although planning and preparation usually take about one year, we recommend booking the date of the Bar Mitzvah ceremony at least 18 months prior to your child’s 13th birthday to avoid any Shul or school calendars conflicts.

Process for arranging a BarMitzvah at Moorabbin Shul.

1- Complete the Bar Mitzvah Expression of Interest form. HERE! 

Once we recieve this form, we will get in touch with you to arrange a meeting with Rabbi Greenbaum.

2- Meet with Rabbi Greenbaum 

Rabbi Greenbaum will meet with you and your son and help you work out the best date options for the Bar Mitzvah Ceremony you want. 

3- Request your date preference

Once you have discussed date options with the Rabbi, email the office ( [email protected]) to let us know you have met and what your prefered date is. The office will get back to you letting you know availability and will send you the application form. 

4 - Complete and return the application form

and any other required information, along with your deposit, to confirm and hold your booking date. 

5- Arrange and start Bar Mitzvah lessons

Depending on your childs level of Hebrew knowledge, we recomend Bar Mitzvah lessons being at least 12 months before the ceremony date. Conatct Rabbi Greenbaum or the office for suggested Bar Mitzvah Teachers. 

6 - Bar Mitzvah Club

Once your booking is confirmed, we will be in touch with you about Bar Mitzvah Club

We provide a simulating and enjoyable Bar Mitzvah education program for boys approaching Bar Mitzvah.
We have two intakes a year. The first intake is in March and runs until February of the following year, the second is in September and runs through to August the following year. These classes provide the soon-to-be adults of our community an introduction to Jewish customs and tradition, the synagogue, the significance and meaning of various observances such as Tefillin, Mezuza, Tzitzit, Shabbat and Kosher, caring for the less fortunate in the community, and taking the steps to be a responsible adult within the community all in an exciting and inspiring atmosphere.

Register for Barmi Club HERE.

7- Tefillin 

It is appropriate that a new adult should start his adult life with his own pair of Tefillin. Tefillin should be bought 6 months in advance and brought to the Barmi Club meetings.
Rabbi Greenbaum can help you purchase the right pair of Tefillin for your son.

8- Shabbat Attendence 

It is appropriate that your son should begin coming to Shul on Shabbat mornings. This way, the Bar Mitzvah is a process of spiritual growth and awareness. Moreover, he will feel comfortable in Shul on his special day and be familiar with the Shul service and customs.
The hours spent by a parent and child walking to Shul and sitting in Shul are surely among the most treasured and memorable events leading up to the Bar Mitzvah.

The Bar Mitzvah should be a spiritual meaningful time in your son’s life; this should be your primary consideration. Therefore, it is appropriate that your son should participate in all of the above programs. This way, the Bar Mitzvah is a process of spiritual growth and awareness. Moreover, he will feel comfortable in Shul on his special day and in his future life and be familiar with the Shul service and customs. We look forward to sharing and taking part in your son’s Bar Mitzvah, and making it a most joyful, and meaningful experience. If you have any suggestions of how we can enhance and improve the Bar Mitzvah experience, please discuss them with us.
If there is anything else we can do to help please don’t hesitate to call us.