Youth & Children's Services

YOUR CHILDREN REMAIN YOUR RESPONSIBILITY AT ALL TIMES! We have hired, trained, qualified staff and volunteers to assist in giving your child a safe and meaningful YomTov.

You are responsible to ensure your children respect property and others, and are not wandering around the premises.

If you know you will be in shul this coming Yomtov, please assist us by emailing us/or clicking here and completing the form, your child's name and age and any special info before Yomtov.

Snacks will be Provided: Please Ensure that all food brought is NUT -FREE and KOSHER.

ROSH HASHANA Shul Programs Sept 10/11   S ept 14/15

*Age 2-5: 10:50 -11.20am Singing, Movement, Puppets & Storytime in the Shul Boardroom

Prep-Yr 6: 10.30-11.30am @ the P & B Adler Youth Centre (followed by Shofar)

Yr 6-8 Boys: 11.20-11.50am (in the boardroom) with Rabbi Mendel Haller
Yr 6-8 Girls: 12:15-12:40 with Leah Greenbaum  


YOM KIPPUR Shul Programs- September 19
Prep-Yr 6 11am -12pm 11am-12pm
Supervision for children at Youth centre 10.30am -2pm 10:30am-2pm


 Decorate the Shul Sukkah!
Bring a decoration or make one on the spot!

Thursday Sept 20 5pm -6pm m

SUKKOT DISCOVERY LAB Sukkot Discovery Lab Icon.jpg


Monday Oct 1: 6pm Flags, Dancing, Games, Lolly Bags
Tuesday Oct 2: Kids’ Call-up 11.45am (Treats & Lunch)


For more information about these programs contact or call 0425 844 050