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Perceiving Reality: The Book of Genesis
The Book of Genesis is the blueprint of creation, full of insight about the nature of existence, while our early ancestors and their inspiring stories serve as paradigms for living with purpose. The way we face the journey of life depends on our perception of the world — our ability to rise up to discern a deeper reality, and recognize our role within the big picture.
The perfect opportunity to fulfil your new year's resolution to learn more!
An exciting, interactive set of (text-based) classes delving into the 'soul' of the weekly Torah Portion. flyer attached.
Wednesday Evenings, Starting October 14 8pm – 9:15pm
at Moorabbin Hebrew Congregation 960 Nepean Hwy
$5 per class, $35 for the complete 10 week series (textbook included)
For more information contact:  0403 490 434 or [email protected]

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Nothing quite like fresh home-made challahs!

Learn the art of making challah dough.

Try your hand at professionally shaping.

Tips and tricks to make it work.

Discover the secrets behind the mitzvah.

Gain insight into the act of preparing challah.

Tuesday November 17, 8 pm @ MHC, 960 Nepean Hwy. $10/person

Reservations preferred. email: [email protected] or call 9555 3380

No one will be turned away from this of any other program due to lack of funds. 

(Le'iluy Nishmas) In Honour of the Yahrtzeit of Rivkah Holtzberg, hy"d, Shlucha to Mumbai, India who was tragically murdered by terrorists a year ago, along with Norma Schwartzblatt-Rabinowitz  & Yocheved Orpaz at the Chabad House in India. Our foremother Rivkah was recognised as being suited to be Yitzchok's wife when she was brought into his mother's Sarah's tent and the miracles returned. Among them was the miracle of the dough that remained fresh—in reward for keeping the mitzvah of separating challah .


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Miracles: Are they real? Do you believe in them?

Thursday December 3, 8 pm @ MHC

Annual lecture sponsored by Leah Greenbaum in Memory of Rabbi Zalman Itkin obm.

For more information, email [email protected]  or call 9555 3380.




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Celebrate Chanuka at the Foreshore:  Fifth Night of Chanukah, Tuesday, December 15, 7:30 pm

Public Menorah Lighting, Sausage Sizzle, Fire Twirler,

Free Entry- Join with Family, Friends, Politicians & Dignitaries 

PHOTOS-click here

Special Thank Yous to Our Sponsors:

www.bubblemedia.org for the bubble entertainment
Ian Bram
for the delicious latkes.
George David, videographer for taking photos
Barry Feldman of
Harcourts-Elsternwick for the doughnuts & buns.

Gold’s for the books for the raffle
Shmuel Klas of DSK engineering for setting up, fixing, and building the Menorah.
Kevin Moran for painting the menorah
Sam Snodgrass of
isignage.com.au for the solar spotlight



A special thank you to Ms. Jennifer Huppert- MLC, Ms. Jenny Lindell- Speaker, MLA, Cr Ron Brownlees, Kingston and Cr Rosemary West, Kingston for celebrating with us.



Thank you to

Sam Briskin, Rachel F., Karina, Shulamit Greenbaum, Kerry-Anne Menahem, Rebecca & Sarah, Eugene Stein, David Wittenberg & all the others for your assistance.


The evening was dedicated in the memory of, leiluy nishmas, Chaya Mushka bas Yitzchok Itkin.


Spread the Joy & the Light:

Community Chanukah Parties

Special Bagel Babies Party for kids up to aged 10, Thursday 9:30 am.

To host one, or to find out about the party nearest you, contact [email protected] or call 0403 490 434

Heatherton- Wednesday

East Brighton- Thursday