Annual Membership – 2020-2021 / 5781


Dear Friends,

Every year at this time we write a letter to you, our valued members, on behalf of Moorabbin Hebrew Congregation - the friendly Shul.

We write how our Shul is growing and how an ever-growing crowd stream to our projects, activities and programs. We write how we’re looking forward to bumper crowds at the forthcoming High Holiday services and invite you to visit us often throughout the year.

Every year we point out that your annual membership payment is not just buying a seat in Shule over Rosh Hashana / Yom Kippur, but your commitment of support to your community throughout the year as we, in turn, offer support and programs for all.

As part of that same year-round commitment, over the last few months of Covid we have pivoted to offering expanded services over a variety of media. We daven together over Zoom, Facebook Live small and major classes and events and have made hundreds of phone calls offering support and assistance. Barmi Club is now online, catering to more boys than ever before.  Even as we all work socially-isolated from our own homes we remain a strong and unified community. We arrange regular coffee dates and catch up chats. We have visited the home of every single member, providing Shavuos cheesecakes, Covid Support Boxes and friendship.

We pledge that, to the absolute best of our ability, we will continue to work for you and ensure no one feels abandoned. And we request of you, as a personal favour, if you can suggest anything at all that we can offer, or if you can identify any need that we have left unmet, please, please let us know asap.

It is a truism to say that this year is unprecedented. As we write, we are a number of weeks into a second lockdown, scheduled to be lifted only a short while before Rosh Hashana. We guarantee that we will do everything humanely possible to offer services this High Holy Days for as many people as possible; if necessary in a variety of locations, over multiple shifts. We have prepared detailed sanitising and safety protocols; in an attempt to guarantee that you are able to enjoy a wonderfully safe and secure Yomtov.

We are also organising locations to hear shofar on Rosh Hashana throughout all suburbs of jewish Melbourne.

There are multiple ways to support your community. These range from donating funds, volunteering, attending shiurim / social events and of course paying membership. This year your annual membership payment is needed more than ever. Many of our other regular sources of income have dried up, leaving us almost exclusively reliant on membership to meet our financial responsibilities. If you are in a position to help, we ask you to consider donating extra, to supplement those members who this year cannot afford their annual membership.

We remain the Friendly Shul. We understand that some of our members are not currently able to pay their complete membership and, as always, no one will be turned away from our Shul for lack of ability to pay. Please contact Jeff Alford on 0409 843 251 or   [email protected] to negotiate a payment plan, or to request a reduced rate

In recent years, in addition to the Membership charge there has been a security Levy and charge for extra seats. These charges have been waived, leaving the base membership price the same as last year.

We look forward to seeing you in good health over the coming months and over the course of the year ahead and we daven together for the future of this country and the security of the entire world.

We thank you so much for your friendship and ongoing commitment to your Shule and your community.

Yours Sincerely,

Rabbi Elisha Greenbaum
Mr. Jeff Alford on behalf of the Board of MHC

  Membership rates: 2020-2021 / 5781


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