We offer welcoming and relaxed synagogue services throughout the year.

We're not just a Shule, We're a Community!

The Friendly Shule

Moorabbin Hebrew Congregation has won acclaim as ‘the Friendly Shule’. Our congregants are welcoming, the services are enjoyable and our Synagogue radiates a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Belonging to a Synagogue is not mandatory. For many local Jews a Synagogue has become a location of convenience; a place to be ‘Bar-Mitzva’d’, married in and, reciting kaddish in times of sorrow. Unfortunately, many people are put off by high seat-rentals or by the perception that a Shule is some kind of private club for a standoffish ruling clique.

At Moorabbin, we have made it our mission to reject these assumptions. Our shule is a community centre, a place to meet old acquaintances and form new friendships. At Moorabbin, everybody is made to feel equally welcome. The many young families recently attracted to our Shule, attest to the particular brand of friendliness that our congregation exudes.

We have a young and committed board of management, inspiring leadership provided by our dedicated Rabbi Elisha Greenbaum and his family, and a wonderful, growing, and friendly, congregation


Moorabbin Hebrew Congregation

960 Nepean Hwy, Moorabbin 3189

between South Rd and Wickham Rd, 2 doors from the AMF Bowling

MHC's Weekly Schedule

Moorabbin Shule's Service Schedule is posted weekly here in the site and also emailed to a mailing list.

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