Shavuot (full width)

First Night of Shavuot Saturday May 19th
 Candlelighting after 5.58pm

1) Services @ 6 pm

2) Community Dinner @ 6:30pm P & B Adler Jewish Youth Centre

We shop together, cook together, EAT together & split the costs.
RSVP Essential or Leah on 0425 844 050

3) 8:15-10pm
Shavuot Learning: My Personal Miracle - Tales of perserverance, return, triumph (& luck) presented by community members.

                                Is Science Incompatible with Judaism? - A discussion between scientists, Rabbis (& you).  

4) 10pm-Late
Learn about and other Torah topics with Rabbi Elisha Greenbaum and Rabbi Mendel Haller

First Day of Shavuot Sunday May 20th

1) Services 9:30am
2) 10:30 Youth Service, hear the 10 commandments followed by an ice cream party

Followed by a Dairy Kiddush

Evening Services 6pm

Second Day of Shavuot Monday May 21st
1) Morning Services 9:30am

2) Yizkor 10:45 am