For expectant parents living outside Greater Melbourne, in other states of Australia or internationally:

It would be helpful to contact the mohel (mob: +61403 490 434 or [email protected]) a few months before your due date to confirm his availability. Many couples will also liaise  with their local Rabbi (where applicable) to arrange the local ceremony.

Call Rabbi Greenbaum as soon as possible after your son's birth.

Before booking the ticket:

a) A doctor (preferably a paediatrician) must confirm that your son is healthy and ready for his bris.

b) You must arrange a local doctor to remove the bandage on the day after the bris (The doctor should ideally be comfortable with traditional circumcision).
The local Rabbi or Jewish community will usually be able to help you find a local Doctor.
Rabbi Greenbaum will call the Doctor following the brit to discuss the after-care.