Leo Fuld
A Letter To My Mother
Rumenishe Kretchme
                                                       Mickey Katz
Seymour Rechtzeit                         Freilach Jamboree
Efent Oif Di Tier                            Sixteen Tons
Itzikil - Klezmer
                                                       London Jewish Male Choir
Ben Shoshana                                 Der Rebbe's Tanz
Mazel                                              In Weldele

Benny Bell                                     Unknown
B'zegent A Kaleh                           A Dudele
A Shlimazel                                   Oy Dort'n Dort'n
                                                       Rebbe Elimelech
Henri Gerro
Ich Will Nit Sein Kein Rebbe
Z'is Mir Voil

Barton Brothers
Yiddish Comedy
                                   21 Tracks - Playing Time - 65 mins.
Rita Marlow
Kinder Yurn

Max Kletter
Yiddish Red Sich Shein
Mein Shetele Yass

Chayele Grober
A Milchome Lied

All Of The Above Have Been Restored From Old Records
and Tapes