Friday, March 30, Eve of Passover
Finish eating Chametz before 11:25am
Finish burning/selling/cleaning from Chametz before 12:24pm 
Light Candles at 6:59pm

First night Pesach Evening Services 6:45pm followed by first Seder 

Eat Matza and Drink 4 cups of wine and share the Pesach story after 7:44pm

Shabbos March 31, First Day of Passover
Morning Services 9:30am including Prayer for Dew
Youth Program 11am  followed by a KFP Kiddush
Light Candles after 7:54pm

Sunday April 1, Second Day of Passover
Morning Services 9:30am DST

Thursday April 5,  Seventh Night Pesach
Light Candles at 5:50 pm  Standard Time
Pesach Evening Services 6pm

Friday April 6,  Seventh Day of Pesach
Light Candles before 5:49pm  Standard
Evening Services 6pm  *First Friday at the Friendly Shul

 Shabbat April 7  Eighth Day of Pesach
Morning Services 9:30am
YIZKOR 10:45am
MOSHIACH FEAST after the Kiddush 
Shabbat/Pesach Ends 6:44pm